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Games with low system requirements

If there is a problem connecting to the server, check that the browser considers this site to be trusted. If this is not the case, then possible remedies are listed below.

To display a list of your games, you need to log in or register.

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To download games easily and quickly, as well as to log in to the game, a GameXP launcher is required.

  • I don't have GameXP launcher installed - download
  • GameXP launcher not running - run
  • Running, but probably not linked or not selected a computer - link and select

Welcome to GameXP Launcher!

The new GameXP launcher allows you to download games faster and receive game updates.

When switching from the old update system, a full check of the game files will be required once, which will take some time, in the future the game will be updated quickly.

You can continue the game started on the social network.

You can continue the game started on the social network.

Technical maintenance

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